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  100TB($150.00)  101 Inks(20.00%)  11 Main($40.00)
  123 Inkjets(8.00%)  123Greetings Store(7.00%)  1800 Baskets(6.00%)
  1800 Florals(20.00%)  1800 Flowers(6.00%)  1800 Get Lens(8.00%)
  1800 Got Junk(3.00%)  1800 Lighting(8.00%)  1800 Pet Meds(12.00%)
  191 Unlimited(5.00%)  1928 Jewelry(15.00%)  1mg($70.00)
  2 Modern(8.00%)  23 And Me($10.00)  24 Hour Fitness(8.00%)
  24-7 Press Release($15.00)  2xist(6.00%)  3 Day Blinds
  360 Training(15.00%)  4 Inkjets(22.40%)  4 Wheel Drive(4.80%)
  4 Wheel Parts(4.80%)  511 Tactical(6.00%)  800 Bear(10.00%)
  99 Designs($55.00)
  A Baby(8.00%)  A T Cross(9.00%)  A1 Supplements(1.00%)
  Ab Glider($18.00)  Abacus 24-7(30.00%)  ABC Mouse($4.00)
  Abe's of Maine(4.80%)  AC Lens(0.80%)  AC Wholesalers(3.00%)
  Academic Superstore(2.00%)  Accessory Geeks(5.00%)  Accor Hotels(6.00%)
  AccuScore(10.00%)  ACDSee(15.00%)  Ace 2 Three
  Ace Hardware(5.00%)  Ace Magnetics(10.00%)  Ace Ticket(7.00%)
  Acer(3.20%)  Achievement Products(4.00%)  Acronis(20.00%)
  Adagio Teas(5.25%)  Adam and Eve Toys(20.00%)  Adams Golf(6.00%)
  adidas Golf(6.00%)  Adorably(1.00%)  Adorama
  Adore Me(5.00%)  Advance Auto Parts(8.00%)  Advances in One Hour($22.00)
  Aero Grow(10.00%)  Affordable Asia(5.00%)  Ahava(5.00%)
  Ahnu Footwear(8.00%)  Aidance(10.00%)  Air & Water(3.20%)
  Air Conditioner Home(4.00%)  Air France(1.25%)  Air Purifier Home(4.00%)
  Airfare Watchdog  Airport Parking Reservations(20.00%)  Airsoft Megastore(3.00%)
  AirsoftRC(9.00%)  Airtel($10.00)  Aiseesoft(40.00%)
  AJ Madison(3.00%)  Alamo Rent A Car(3.00%)  AliExpress(1.00%)
  All 4 Cellular(5.45%)  All Battery(12.27%)  All Data(10.00%)
  All Data DIY(25.00%)  All Posters(2.00%)  Allen Edmonds(7.00%)
  Allergy And Air(1.00%)  Allergy Be Gone(8.00%)  Alloy(4.00%)
  Allstate Motor Club($8.00)  Allurez(8.00%)  Aluminyze(15.00%)
  Amazon  Amazon India(6.61%)  America's Tire(6.00%)
  American Council on Exercise(8.00%)  American Home Shield(12.00%)  American Meadows(2.00%)
  American Musical Supply(2.00%)  American Swan(15.00%)  Americas Best Value Inn(3.00%)
  AmeriGlide(10.00%)  AmeriMark(5.60%)  Ami Clubwear(4.00%)
  Amor($35.00)  Amrion(13.00%)  Amsterdam Printing(5.00%)
  Amy Adele(10.00%)  Anaconda Sports(6.00%)  Anastasia($125.00)
  Ancestry(10.00%)  And Other Brands(9.00%)  Angara(4.00%)
  Angie's List(55.00%)  Anna's Linens(3.00%)  Annie's(24.00%)
  Anolon(8.00%)  Anonymizer(25.00%)  ANSI(10.00%)
  Antennas Direct(10.00%)  Any Promo(8.00%)  AnyProtect Backup(35.00%)
  Anytime Costumes(20.00%)  Apothica(7.50%)  Apparel Zoo(8.00%)
  Apples of Gold(3.00%)  Appliances Connection(3.00%)  Archies(8.00%)
  ArcSoft(10.00%)  AreaTrend(8.00%)  Arhaus Jewels(6.00%)
  Arkiv Music(8.00%)  Armed Forces Eyewear(8.00%)  Armor Concepts(21.00%)  Artisteer(10.00%)  Artistic Labels(5.00%)
  ashford(6.00%)  Ashley Stewart(5.00%)  Ashworth Golf(6.00%)
  Asian Food Grocer(10.00%)  Ask Me Bazaar($45.00)  At A Glance(11.00%)
  AT&T($40.00)  AT&T Wireless($60.00)
  Atlantis(4.00%)  Audials(40.00%)  Autism Speaks(5.00%)
  Auto Anything(6.00%)  Auto Barn(8.00%)  Auto Europe(5.00%)
  Auto Parts Warehouse(4.80%)  Auto Trader(12.00%)  Auto Trader Classics(10.00%)
  Auto World Store(10.00%)  Auto Zone(6.40%)  Autodesk(20.00%)
  Autohaus AZ(3.00%)  Automotix(5.00%)  Autopia Car Care(7.00%)
  Avenue(5.00%)  Avenue Industrial Supply(2.00%)  Avis(3.20%)
  AW Direct(5.00%)  Awards Co(3.00%)  Axl's Closet(10.00%)
  Azores Getaways(8.00%)
  B&H Photo Video(1.60%)  B2C Jewels(2.40%)  Babies Online($0.80)
  Baby Age(2.00%)  Baby Basket(7.00%)  Baby Bunch(17.50%)
  Baby Earth(6.00%)  Baby Hugz($120.00)  Baby Oye($208.00)
  Baby Quasar(10.00%)  Back In The Saddle(4.00%)  Backcountry(5.60%)
  Bag Inc(10.50%)  Baja Bob(10.00%)  Bake Me A Wish(8.00%)
  Bakers Racks(8.00%)  Bambeco(8.00%)  Banana Republic(4.00%)
  Banital($16.00)  Banners On The Cheap(3.00%)  Banquet Tables(5.00%)
  Bar Stools(10.00%)  Bare Walls(2.50%)  Barefoot Tess(1.00%)
  Barneys(5.00%)  Baron Bob(10.00%)  Baseball Express(4.00%)
  Baseball Rampage(9.00%)  Basketball Express(5.00%)  Basketball Goals(8.00%)
  Bass Pro Shops(5.00%)  Bata(8.00%)  Baymont Inns(2.40%)
  BB People Meet(100.00%)  BBC America Shop(5.00%)  BD Antivirus(30.00%)
  Be Wild(10.00%)  Beach Body(10.00%)  Beach Camera(2.85%)
  Beach Chairs(8.00%)  Bead Room(10.00%)  Bealls(6.50%)
  Bean Bags(10.00%)  Beautified You(5.00%)  Beauty Bridge(3.00%)
  Beauty Care Choices(8.00%)  Beauty Encounter(6.00%)
  bebe(4.00%)  Beckett Media(5.00%)  Bed And Breakfast(5.00%)
  Bed Bath Store(4.00%)  Bed Bugs(20.00%)  Bedding Inn(10.00%)
  Bedding Style(8.00%)  Bedford Fair(5.00%)  Bedroom Furniture Mart(5.00%)
  Beezid(30.00%)  Bellacor(8.00%)  Bellavani($31.00)
  Belle & Clive(5.25%)  Belle Chic(16.00%)  Belt Outlet(10.00%)
  Ben Meadows(5.00%)  Bench Prep(12.00%)
  Bergner's(3.00%)  Berkshire Blanket(5.00%)  Best Bully Sticks(4.00%)
  Best Buy(0.80%)  Best Buy Eye Glasses(10.00%)  Best Contacts(8.00%)
  Best Deal Magazines(17.00%)  Best of Orlando(4.00%)  Best of Vegas(4.80%)
  Best Priced Furniture(5.00%)  Best Western(4.00%)  Betsey Johnson(7.00%)
  Better Braces(10.00%)  Better World Books(5.00%)  Betty's Attic(12.50%)
  BH Cosmetics(15.00%)  BIC Warehouse(6.00%)  Bid Cactus($21.00)
  Bidz(5.00%)  Big Commerce($128.00)  Big Daddy Beauty(20.00%)
  Big Dogs(10.00%)  Big Shot Bikes(6.50%)  Big Time(10.00%)
  Bigelow Chemists(10.00%)  Bigger Books(5.00%)  Bigger Bras(8.00%)
  Bike SomeWhere(6.50%)  Biker Or Not(6.40%)  Bills Khakis(8.00%)
  Biltmore Estate(10.00%)  Binoculars(4.00%)  Bio Effect(5.00%)
  Bionaire(8.00%)  Bird Baths(8.00%)  Birthday in a Box(20.00%)
  BJ's Wholesale Club(1.00%)  Black Dating($20.00)  Black People Meet(100.00%)
  Blackheart Lingerie(7.00%)  Blain Farm & Fleet(5.00%)  Blair(9.50%)
  Blank NYC(7.00%)  Blaze Video(50.00%)  BlendTec(15.00%)
  Blessed Herbs(10.00%)  Blind Saver(5.00%)  Blinds Express(3.00%)
  Blinds Max(5.00%)  Blog Talk Radio($140.00)
  Bloomberg Businessweek(25.00%)  Blu Cigs($20.00)  Blue Host
  Blue Man Group(6.40%)  BlueBay Hotels(6.72%)  Bluefly(6.00%)
  Bluestone(9.60%)  Bob Wards(6.55%)  Bocce Ball Sets(8.00%)
  Bodhi Shop(7.25%)  Body Candy(3.00%)  Body Central(3.00%)
  Body Glove Mobile(15.00%)  Bogs Footwear(6.42%)  Bon Ton(2.40%)
  Bonsai Boy(20.00%)  boohoo(7.00%)  Book Baby(5.00%)
  Book Byte(5.60%)  Book Cases Galore(8.00%)  Book Closeouts(10.50%)
  Book It(2.40%)  Book My Flowers(12.00%)  Book Pal(5.00%)
  Booking Buddy  Books A Million(3.00%)
  Boscov's(5.00%)  Boston Store(3.00%)  Botanic Choice(15.00%)
  Bounce Web(65.00%)  Boutique To You(4.00%)  Bowflex(5.60%)
  Box Office Tickets(12.50%)  BPong(10.00%)  Brace Shop(3.00%)
  Bradford Exchange Checks(25.00%)  Brands Mart(4.00%)  Breast Pads($2.25)
  Brian Tracy(20.00%)  BrickHouse Electronics(4.00%)  Briggs & Riley(9.00%)
  Broderbund(12.00%)  Brooklyn Battery Works(8.00%)  Brownells(4.00%)
  Brush Buddies(31.00%)  Bubbles Bodywear(8.00%)  Buckeye Corner(8.00%)
  Budge Covers(10.00%)  Budget Air($15.00)  Budget Rent a Car(3.20%)
  Budget Truck Rental(4.50%)  Build A Bear  Build A Sign(3.00%)
  Build Direct(3.20%)  Built(10.50%)
  Bulk Office Supply(5.60%)  Burke Decor(8.00%)  Burpee(10.00%)
  Business Checks(26.00%)$75.00)  Butter Shoes(9.00%)
  Buy Dig(2.40%)  Buy Emergency Foods(1.00%)  Buy Entertainment Centers(5.00%)
  Buy SKU(5.00%)  Buyz(16.00%)
  C Wonder(5.00%)  C&H Distributors(2.00%)  Caesars Entertainment(5.00%)
  Cafe Press(5.00%)  CalChamber(15.00%)
  Callaway Apparel(8.00%)  Callaway Golf(2.00%)  Callaway Golf Preowned(6.00%)
  Calling Cards(5.00%)  Cameta Camera(4.00%)  Campaigner
  Camping World(6.00%)  Campus Book Rentals(7.00%)  Canada Vet(5.00%)  Canless Air System(19.00%)  Canon(2.00%)
  Canopy Center(8.00%)  Canvas Discount(15.00%)  Canvas On Demand(5.00%)
  Canvas People(20.00%)  Capalbos Online(7.00%)  CAR iD(1.00%)
  Car Parts(2.00%)  Car Toys(2.00%)  Carbonite(28.00%)
  Card Store(15.00%)  Cardinal Path Training(7.00%)$15.00)
  Carlos Shoes(10.50%)  Carmel Limo(7.75%)  Carnal DaMMAge(10.00%)
  Carnet de Mode(15.00%)  Carol Wright Gifts(8.00%)  Carousel Checks(26.00%)
  Carrot Ink(2.00%)  Carrot Top(10.50%)  Carseat Canopy($3.25)
  Carson Dellosa(10.00%)  Carson's(3.00%)  Cartoon Network Shop(7.00%)
  Cascio Interstate Music(6.00%)  Case Mate(3.00%)  Cash Advances Center
  Cash Unclaimed($6.00)  Cashmere Boutique(7.00%)  Catalog Favorites(5.00%)
  Catalog Spree  Catholic Soulmate($60.00)  CB-1 Weight Gainer(15.50%)
  Cbazaar(5.00%)  CBD Skin Cream(14.00%)  CBS Store(3.00%)
  CD Universe(8.25%)  Celebrate Express(5.00%)  Cell 2 Get(5.00%)
  CellPhone Accents(22.00%)  Cellular Country(7.00%)  Cellular Outfitter(20.00%)
  Cellz(10.00%)  Century Novelty(12.00%)  Certified Hosting($100.00)
  Cesar's Way(6.40%)  Chaise Lounges(8.00%)  Chamilia(10.00%)
  Champion Naturals(10.00%)  Champion USA(8.00%)  Chaparral Motorsports(3.50%)
  Char Broil(5.00%)  Charles Tyrwhitt(8.00%)  Charm & Chain(6.00%)
  CharmDate  Cheap Air($8.00)  Cheap Caribbean(0.40%)
  Cheap O Air($20.00)  Cheap O Stay($15.00)  Checks In The Mail(16.00%)
  Checks On Sale(25.00%)  Checks SuperStore(25.00%)  Chef Basket($4.50)
  Cherrybrook(6.00%)  Cheryl's(6.00%)  Chic Star(21.00%)
  Chicago Steak Company(12.00%)  Chicco Shop(3.00%)  Chicken Coop Source(8.00%)
  Chicnova(13.00%)  Chief Supply(10.00%)  Chinese Laundry(7.00%)  Choies(8.00%)  Chrislie(6.00%)
  Christening Shop(8.00%)  Christian Cash Assistance  Christian Matchmaker($45.00)
  Christmas Ornaments(5.00%)  Christmas Trees Galore(10.00%)  Chronicle Books(6.30%)
  Chuck and Eddie's(6.30%)  Chumbak($100.00)  Churchgoers(10.00%)
  Circulon(8.00%)  City Experts NY(15.00%)  City Pass(5.00%)
  City Search($5.00)  CJ Banks  Claire's(7.00%)
  Clarks(8.00%)  Class Watch(10.00%)  Classic Hostess(11.00%)
  Cleaner Filters(20.00%)  Clear Gear Spray(8.00%)  Cleartrip($440.00)
  Click & Grow(20.00%)  Click Inks(20.00%)  Click Meeting(31.00%)
  ClickN Kids(30.00%)  Clinch Gear(10.00%)  Closeout Zone(12.50%)
  Cloud 9 Living(2.00%)  Clovia(25.00%)  Club Furniture(3.00%)
  Clubs Galore(7.25%)  CNDirect(8.00%)  Coastal(16.00%)
  Coat Racks(8.00%)  Coca-Cola Store(10.50%)  Coffee Cup Software(8.25%)
  Coffee For Less(5.25%)  Coffee Tables Galore(8.00%)  Coffee Wholesale(5.25%)
  Coffee.Org(6.25%)  Collectables Direct(7.25%)  Collections Etc(5.00%)
  Colorescience(5.00%)  Combat Optical(8.00%)  Combo Ink(25.00%)
  Comfi Phonecards(31.00%)  Comfortisse Bra($15.50)  Commonwealth Lacrosse(7.25%)
  Como($50.00)  Comp And Save(15.00%)  Compact Appliance(1.00%)
  Competitive Cyclist(5.00%)  Compost Bins(8.00%)
  Computer Desks(8.00%)  Computer Memory Outlet(10.00%)  Compuvest(5.25%)
  Concord Supplies(6.40%)  Condor($6.40)  Condusiv Technologies(15.50%)
  Conference Calls(5.00%)  Coniefox(14.50%)  Connectify(50.00%)
  Constellation($50.00)  Contact Lens King(1.00%)  Content Watch(26.00%)
  Cookies By Design(4.00%)  Cookies Kids(5.25%)  Cool Handle($64.00)
  Cool Tan(11.00%)  Corazon($35.00)  Corel(8.00%)
  Corelle(5.00%)  Corner Stork Baby Gifts(10.50%)  Cosabella(6.00%)
  Cosme De(10.00%)  Costume Craze(10.50%)  Costume Discounters(30.00%)
  Costume Express(5.00%)  Costume Kingdom(13.00%)  Costume SuperCenter(8.00%)
  Costumes 4 Less(6.30%)  Country Inns & Suites(5.00%)  Country Outfitter(5.25%)
  Country Store Catalog(5.00%)  Course Smart(3.00%)  Couture Candy(7.25%)
  Coveroo(10.00%)  Coyuchi(8.00%)  CP Toys(5.00%)
  CPO Black & Decker(1.00%)  CPO Bostitch(1.00%)  CPO Electrolux(1.00%)
  CPO Industrial Power Tools(1.00%)  CPO Jet Tools(1.00%)  CPO Metabo(1.00%)
  CPO Milwaukee(1.00%)  CPO Outlets(1.00%)  CPO Power Tools(1.00%)
  CPO Powermatic(1.00%)  CPO Rotary Tools(1.00%)  CPO Tools(1.00%)
  CPO Workshop(1.00%)  Crabtree & Evelyn(8.00%)  Crackberry(12.00%)
  Craft Beer Club(10.00%)  Create My Walls(13.64%)  Credit Repair($56.00)
  CreditCard Processing  Crescent Electric(7.00%)  Cribs(5.00%)
  Crock Pot(8.00%)  Crocs(8.00%)  Croquet(8.00%)
  crowdSPRING($27.00)  Crown Awards(6.25%)  Cruise Direct(5.00%)
  Cruiser Customizing(5.25%)  Crystone($80.00)  Ctrip(4.00%)
  Cubavera(8.00%)  CubeSmart Self Storage($20.00)  Cuff Daddy(15.00%)
  Cuisinart Webstore(10.50%)  CUPSHE(15.00%)  Curacao(8.00%)
  CuraDebt Debt Relief  Cure Cancer At Home(52.00%)  Current Labels(5.00%)
  Custom Toll Free(24.00%)  Cutter & Buck(5.00%)  CWI Medical(4.00%)
  Cymax Stores(4.20%)
  D'Artagnan(7.00%)  Daily Objects($140.00)  Dallas Midwest(5.00%)
  Dancing Deer Baking Co(11.00%)  Daniel Wellington(6.00%)  Danskin(8.00%)
  Das Keyboard(9.00%)  Dashlane(25.00%)  Data Bazaar(5.00%)$50.00)  David's Cookies(6.00%)  Dawgs(20.00%)
  Day Runner(11.00%)  Day Timer(8.80%)  Days Inn(2.40%)
  Dazadi(4.00%)  DC Entertainment(7.00%)  Deal Yard(6.40%)
  DealFlicks($4.00)  DealsMachine(6.00%)  Dealzer Hydroponics(10.00%)
  Debenu(10.00%)  Decal Girl(10.00%)  Deep Discount(3.00%)
  Dell Financial Services(4.00%)  Dell Home & Home Office(0.80%)  Dell Small Business(6.40%)
  Deluxe Business Products(24.00%)  Dental Plans(16.00%)  Deposit Photos(20.00%)
  Derma Doctor(8.00%)  Design By Humans(3.00%)  Design Crowd(20.00%)
  Design Toscano(8.00%)  Designer Intimates(15.00%)  Designers Imports(12.00%)
  Designs By Stephene(9.00%)  Dexclusive(7.00%)  DH Gate(2.00%)  Diabetes Store(8.00%)  Diamonds USA(7.50%)
  Diaper Dude(5.25%)  Diecast(10.00%)  Digital Rev(6.40%)
  Dino Direct(5.00%)  Direct Gardening($6.00)  DIRECTV($110.00)
  Dirt Devil(5.00%)  Discount Contact Lenses(6.40%)  Discount Filter Store(9.00%)
  Discount Mags(18.00%)  Discount Medical Supplies(5.00%)  Discount Merchant(4.00%)
  Discount School Supply(2.00%)  Discount Tire(6.00%)  Discount Tire Direct(6.00%)
  Discount Watch Store(8.00%)  Discounted Newspapers(20.00%)  Discovery Channel Store(5.00%)
  DISH Network($150.00)  Disney Store(3.00%)  DKNY(4.00%)
  DL1961(9.00%)  Docucopies(8.00%)  Dog Is Good(13.00%)
  Dog Spot($250.00)  Dollar Days(5.00%)
  Dollar General(5.00%)  Dollar Rent A Car(1.00%)  Domain Tower(50.00%)$88.00)  Domainia($5.00)  Domino's Pizza($22.00)
  Donna Morgan(7.00%)  Dorothy Perkins(8.00%)  Dotster($88.00)
  Downpour(15.00%)  Dr David Williams(10.00%)  Dr Jay's(6.00%)
  Dr Leonard's(8.00%)  Dr Scholls(10.00%)  Dr Sinatra(10.00%)
  Dr Weil's Vitamin Advisor(40.00%)  Dr Whitaker(10.00%)  Draper's & Damon's(5.00%)
  Dream Products(8.00%)  Dreamstime(30.00%)  Dress Barn(5.00%)
  DressLink(10.00%)  Drinkwel(20.00%)  Drivers Ed(25.00%)
  Drizly(15.00%)  droom(0.75%)
  DS Laboratories(25.00%)  Dukan Diet($24.00)  Duncraft(10.00%)
  Dutch Gardens(10.50%)  DVD Planet(5.00%)
  Each Buyer(8.00%)  Early Childhood(4.00%)  Earphone Solutions(2.00%)
  East Coast Photo(20.00%)  Eastbay(5.00%)  Easton(8.00%)
  Easy Canvas Prints(3.00%)  Easy Click Travel(4.80%)  eBags(10.00%)
  eBay(1.00%)  eBay India(7.68%)  eBooks(8.00%)
  EC Research(20.00%)  Echo Design(8.00%)  Economist GMAT Tutor(15.00%)
  eCOST(3.00%)  Ed2Go(10.00%)  Eddie Bauer(5.00%)
  Eden Fantasys(20.00%)  Edge Tech Corp(9.00%)  Edwin Watts Golf(6.00%)
  eFaucets(5.00%)  Effy Jewelry(3.00%)  eFoods Direct(10.00%)
  eHarmony(15.00%)  eHealth Insurance  eInvite(10.00%)
  Elder Beerman(3.00%)  Electro Antiperspirant(17.00%)  eLight Bulbs(6.00%)
  Ella Moss(6.00%)  Ellie(8.00%)  ELOQUII(5.00%)
  eM Client(20.00%)  Emedco(10.00%)  Emily's Chocolates(10.00%)
  Emirates(1.25%)  Empire Covers(10.00%)  Empire Patio(12.00%)
  Empire Today($24.80)  eMusic($9.60)  Encore Software(15.00%)
  End of Retail(9.00%)  Entertainment Earth(7.00%)
  Entirely Pets(6.00%)  Epson(4.00%)  Equal Exchange(3.00%)
  Equestrian Collections(8.00%)  eReleases Press Release(30.00%)  eResume($20.00)
  Eric Dress(10.00%)  Eroscillator(10.00%)  ESET(4.00%)
  eShakti(9.00%)  eSmart Tax(20.00%)  Especially Yours(2.00%)
  eSports Online(5.00%)  Essay Edge(10.00%)  Essential Apparel(1.00%)
  Essential DermCare(10.00%)  eToro($200.00)  EuroStyle Lighting(4.00%)
  Evans(7.00%)  Everbuying(6.00%)  Everlast(6.00%)
  Evermine(8.00%)  Everyday Outfitters(8.00%)  Eves Apple(10.00%)
  eVitamins(10.00%)  Evok($400.00)  eWatches(12.00%)
  Executive Essentials(8.00%)  Exeo Entertainment(25.00%)  Expedia(4.80%)
  Express(4.00%)  Express Copy(16.00%)  Expressionery(5.00%)
  Expressions Catalog(5.00%)  Extended Stay Hotels(4.00%)  Extra Value Checks(26.00%)
  Eyeglasses(9.00%)  EyeSave Sunglasses(5.00%)  ezCertifications(24.00%)
  Fab Alley($380.00)  Fab Furnish(8.00%)  Fab India($60.00)
  Fabletics  Factory Outlet Store(4.00%)  Family Christian Stores(6.00%)
  Family Cookbook Project(35.00%)  Famous Footwear(8.00%)  Famous Smoke Shop(4.00%)
  Fan Banan(10.00%)  Fandango($1.60)  Fantasy Jewelry Box(10.00%)
  Farberware Cookware(8.00%)  Fare Buzz($20.00)  Fashion 58(12.00%)
  Fashion And You($100.00)  Fashion To Figure(5.00%)  Fashionara($160.00)
  Fashionesta(12.00%)  Fast Cash 4 Homes  Fathead(5.00%)
  Faucet Direct(2.00%)  Faux Panels(3.00%)
  Faux Wood Beams(3.00%)  FedEx Office(4.40%)  Fergie Footwear(10.00%)
  Ferns N Petals(10.40%)  Fifth Room(10.00%)
  Filter Easy($10.00)  Filthy Fragrance(12.00%)  Find Legal Forms(25.00%)
  Fine Jewelers(5.00%)  Fingerhut Credit Application($20.00)  Firestone
  First Aid Beauty(5.00%)  First Cry($30.00)  Fit & Fresh(6.00%)
  Fit Orbit(24.00%)  Fitz and Floyd(8.00%)  Fiverr($11.20)
  Flare($40.00)  Flat Iron Experts(5.00%)  Flavia(10.00%)
  Fleurop(10.00%)  Flex Seal($9.75)  Flipkart
  Flirt(200.00%)  Floor Mall(2.00%)  Flora 2000(12.00%)
  Florsheim(7.00%)  Flower Advisor(8.00%)  Flower Aura(15.00%)
  Flower Delivery(20.00%)  Flowers Fast(20.00%)
  Fluance(10.00%)  Focal Price(2.80%)  Focus Camera(3.00%)
  Folica(5.00%)  Food Insurance(10.00%)  Food Saver(15.00%)
  foodpanda($64.00)  Football America(4.00%)  Football Fanatics(2.00%)
  FootSmart(10.40%)  For Teachers Only(11.00%)  Forces Of Nature(25.00%)
  Forever 21($180.00)  Forzieri(8.00%)  Fotolia
  Fox Rent A Car(5.00%)  Fox Shop(5.00%)  Fragrance Net(0.50%)
  Fragrance Shop(10.00%)  Fragrance X(10.00%)  Frames Direct(8.00%)
  Frank Dandy(5.00%)  Franklin Covey(20.00%)  Freddy Diamonds(3.00%)
  Frederick's of Hollywood(8.00%)  Free Logo Services(15.00%)  Free Tax USA(50.00%)
  FreeCharge(2.00%)  FreeCultr($150.00)  Freedom Pop($10.00)
  Freedom Voice($24.00)  Freeze 24-7(17.00%)  French Toast(5.00%)
  Fresh Trends(15.00%)  Freshpair(3.00%)  Front Row Shop(15.00%)
  FT Press(8.00%)  Full Of Life(12.50%)
  Funjet Vacations(2.00%)  FX Shop(3.00%)
  G Adventures(4.00%)  Gadgets and Gear(10.00%)  GAFY(10.00%)
  Game Fly($12.00)  Game Stop(4.00%)  Gamers Gate(8.00%)
  Gander Mountain(5.00%)  Gap(4.00%)  Gay Dating($25.00)
  Gay Marriage($40.00)  Gay Men($20.00)  GearBest(3.00%)
  GelPro(2.00%)  Gemplers(5.00%)  Gemvara(6.00%)
  Genbook($56.00)  Generic Seeds(10.00%)  Genetic Denim(6.00%)
  Gentech Pharmaceutical(30.00%)  Geographic Bags(6.00%)  Get Organized(7.20%)
  Get Response($108.00)  Gettington(3.00%)  Gettington Credit Application($20.00)
  Ghirardelli Chocolate(8.00%)  Giant Microbes(10.00%)  Gift Basket(12.00%)
  Gift Card Mall(2.00%)  Gift Travel Cards(15.00%)  Gift Tree(12.00%)
  Gifted Jewelry(12.00%)  Gifts For You Now(15.00%)  Giga Golf(10.00%)
  Gilchrist & Soames(10.00%)  Gilt City(12.00%)  Gitzo(6.00%)
  GIV Mobile(15.00%)  Glasses Shop(12.00%)  Glasses Spot(11.20%)  GlassesUSA(15.00%)  Global Golf(4.00%)
  Global Industrial(4.00%)  Global Rose(2.50%)  Global Sugar Art(7.00%)
  GNC(5.00%)  Go Daddy($84.00)  Go Red Pocket(64.00%)
  Go To My PC()  Go Vacuum(10.00%)  Godiva(7.00%)
  Goedeker's(2.40%)  Goibibo($400.00)  Gold Medal Wine Club(10.00%)
  Gold Violin(3.00%)  Golden Mine(5.00%)  Golden State Fruit(10.00%)
  Golf 18($5.00)  Golf Etail(5.00%)  Golf Mates($35.00)
  Golf Outlets(2.00%)  Golf Shoes Only(4.00%)  Golf Shoes Plus(5.00%)
  Golfsmith(3.00%)  GoLite(6.00%)  Good Sam Roadside Assistance($20.00)
  Good Sam Travel Assist($20.00)  Gotham Cigars(10.00%)  Gourmesso(20.00%)
  Gourmet Gift Baskets(4.00%)  Government Liquidation(1.00%)  Gozengo(4.00%)
  Grab Green(20.00%)  GrabiT Products($9.00)  Grad Shop(12.00%)
  Grafic(6.00%)  Grammarly($12.00)  Grand Canyon Tour($7.50)
  Gravity Defyer(16.00%)  Great Big Canvas(5.00%)  Great Companions(10.00%)
  Great Deal Furniture(10.00%)  Greater Good(6.00%)  Greatland(15.00%)
  Greek Gear(10.00%)  Green Dust($800.00)  Green Geeks($80.00)
  Green Screen Wizard(10.00%)  GreenSmartLiving(20.00%)  Griffin Technology(12.00%)
  Grooming Lounge(4.00%)  GroSocial(110.30%)  Groupon India(4.00%)
  Groupon US(8.00%)  Growing Microgreens(10.00%)  GSelect(7.00%)
  Guitar Center(6.00%)  GUM Brands(8.00%)  Gummy Lump(10.00%)
  Gypsy Warrior(5.00%)
  Haband(5.00%)  Haggar(5.00%)  Hair Extension Buy(15.00%)
  Hair Extension Sale(14.40%)  Hale Groves(15.00%)
  Hallelujah Acres(12.00%)  Hallmark eCards(30.00%)  Halloween Costumes(5.00%)
  Halloween Express(12.00%)  Halo Cigs(28.00%)  Hammacher Schlemmer(0.80%)
  Hancock Fabrics(8.00%)  Hand Held Items(4.80%)  Handle Sets(2.00%)
  Handy Pantry(10.00%)  Handybook(20.00%)  Hanes(5.00%)
  Hanna Andersson(3.00%)  Hansen Wholesale(2.00%)  Happy Bid Day($35.00)
  Happy Feet Plus(8.00%)  Happy Socks(10.00%)  Harman Audio(6.00%)
  Harman Kardon(6.00%)  Harry & David(12.00%)  Harry Potter Shop(7.00%)
  Hart Energy(15.00%)  Hartford York(7.00%)  Havahart(6.00%)
  Havaianas(4.00%)  Hawthorn Suites(2.40%)  Hayneedle(8.00%)
  HBO Store(5.00%)  Health O Meter(8.00%)  Health O Meter NuYu(8.00%)
  Healthgenie(6.00%)  Healthians(8.00%)  Healthkart(3.50%)
  Healthy Directions(8.00%)  Heart Math(15.00%)  Hearth Song(2.00%)
  Heartland America(7.00%)  Heat And Cool(6.00%)  Heater Home(4.00%)
  Heaven Gifts(12.00%)  Heels(5.00%)  Hello Direct(6.40%)
  Hello Fresh(10.00%)  Help My Shelf(12.00%)  Herb Kits(10.00%)
  Herberger's(3.00%)  Herbs Pro(10.00%)  Hero Giveaways(10.00%)
  Hershey Store(7.50%)  High Country Gardens(2.00%)  High Sierra(5.00%)
  HiLine Coffee(7.00%)  Hilton Worldwide  Hip Hop Bling(20.00%)
  HMR Weight Management($100.00)  Hobbit Shop(7.00%)  Hobby Tron(8.00%)
  Holabird Sports(5.00%)  Holmes Products(8.00%)  Home 'n Yard(10.00%)
  Home Away(16.00%)  Home Decorators Collection(5.60%)  Home Depot(4.00%)
  Home Exchange($18.80)  Home For Exchange($22.00)  Home Thangs($32.00)
  Homemade Gourmet(10.00%)  HomeShop 18(2.00%)  Homestead Websites($80.00)
  Hooked On Phonics(15.00%)  Hoot Suite(80.00%)  Hoover(5.00%)
  Hopscotch(7.00%)  Horsepower Freaks(8.00%)
  Host Papa  Host Rocket($110.00)  Hostel Bookers(3.00%)
  Hosting24(55.00%)  Hot Topic(5.00%)  Hot Tub Things(7.00%)
  Hotel Club(10.00%)  Hotel Planner(24.00%)  Hotelopia(7.50%)
  Hotels Combined  Hotusa Hotels(8.00%)
  House of Brides(4.00%)  House Of Swim(8.00%)  Houser Shoes(12.00%)$60.00)  Howard Johnson(2.40%)  Hoyle Gaming(15.00%)  HSI Professional(9.00%)
  Hudson Reed(4.00%)  Hurtigruten Voyages(2.40%)  Hypebeast Store(6.00%)
  I Do Now I Don't(3.00%)  I Need Hits(30.00%)  I See Me(10.00%)
  iBuy Office Supply(5.00%)  Ice Jerseys(8.00%)  Ice Wraps(7.00%)  Iceland Health(10.00%)  iClebo($66.50)
  iClipArt(25.00%)  Ideal Pay Day  Ideal PetX(8.00%)
  iFurn(4.00%)  Igloo Store(8.00%)  iHome Audio(5.00%)
  IK Multimedia(5.00%)  Illy Caffe(6.00%)  iMore Store(12.00%)
  IMSI Design(20.00%)  In The Company Of Dogs(5.00%)  In The Hole Golf(6.00%)  India Rush($125.00)  Indian Gifts Portal($110.00)
  Indian Roots($320.00)  Indiatimes Shopping(1.60%)  Industrial Supplies(7.00%)
  InformIT(8.00%)  Inhabit NY(6.00%)  Ink Cartridges(21.60%)
  Ink Farm(28.00%)  Ink Garden(16.00%)  InkJet Superstore(10.00%)
  Inline Skates(2.00%)  InMotion Hosting  Inspired Shades(15.00%)
  Inspired Silver(8.00%)  Insta Slim(10.00%)  Instant Car Loan
  Intego Mac Security(25.00%)  Intelius($15.00)  InterCall($80.00)
  InterContinental Hotels(2.40%)  InterNations  Interserver($80.00)
  Interstate Batteries(10.00%)  Intuit Websites  Invitation Consultants(7.00%)
  Invitations by Dawn  Invite Health(16.00%)  Iolo System Mechanic(40.00%)
  iPage  iPoll($0.96)  iPower
  iPrint(12.80%)  Ipsos Survey  iRobot(3.20%)
  iRulu(8.00%)  Irv's Luggage(5.00%)  Isabella Oliver(16.00%)
  Isango(6.00%)  iSkin(15.00%)  IVL Products(10.00%)
  iWeb Technologies(100.00%)  IX Web Hosting(30.00%)  IziDress(15.00%)
  Jabong($240.00)  Jacob Bromwell(20.00%)  Jacob Time(3.00%)
  Jake Wilson(4.00%)  jAlbum(10.00%)  Jam Paper & Envelope(7.00%)
  Jane Cosmetics(6.00%)  Jarden Store(8.00%)  Jared(4.00%)
  Jay Companies(8.00%)  JBL(6.00%)  JC Penney(3.00%)
  JC Whitney(8.00%)  JeGem(20.00%)  Jennifer Fisher Jewelry(8.00%)
  Jetsetter(2.40%)  Jeulia(15.00%)  Jewcier($55.00)
  Jewelry Payless(18.00%)  Jewelry Vortex(5.00%)
  Jimmy Jazz(8.00%)  JKM Ribbon(5.00%)  Jo-Ann(4.00%)
  Joe's New Balance(5.00%)  Johnston County Hams(10.00%)  Jollychic(15.00%)
  Jos. A. Bank(6.40%)  Joules Clothing(6.50%)  Journelle(8.00%)
  JourneyEd(2.00%)  JoyLot(5.60%)  JR Cigars(20.00%)
  JR Watkins(10.00%)  JS Trunk & Co(5.00%)  Judicial Shop(12.00%)
  Juice Beauty(8.00%)  Julep($12.00)  Junk Food Clothing(7.00%)
  Jurlique(8.00%)  Jus By Julie(15.00%)  Just Blinds(3.00%)
  Just Cloud($152.00)  Just Deals(5.00%)  Just Fab
  Just Flowers(18.00%)  Just Host  Just Lenses(8.00%)
  Just My Size(6.00%)
  K-Tor Generators(10.00%)  Kabbage Working Capital($70.00)  Kabloom(10.00%)
  Kalyx(10.00%)  Kaplan SelfTest(7.50%)  Karen Millen(6.00%)
  Kaskey Kids(20.00%)  Kaspersky Lab(16.00%)  Katom(3.20%)
  Kay Jewelers(4.00%)  Keepsake NeedleArts(10.00%)  Keepsake Quilting(10.00%)
  Keetsa Mattresses(10.00%)  Kegerator(1.00%)  Kelby One(16.00%)
  Kelly's Running Warehouse(6.00%)  Kenneth Cole(3.00%)  Kerusso(20.00%)
  Kevin Jewelers(5.00%)  Key West Aloe(10.00%)  Kids Creations(5.00%)
  Kidskart($180.00)  Kigurumi Shop(10.00%)  Kill Cliff(10.00%)
  KinderCart($120.00)  King Ice(17.00%)  Kitchen Source(5.00%)
  KitchenAid(8.00%)  Kiwi Crate($6.00)  Klipsch(6.00%)
  Kmart(5.60%)  Knights Inn(2.40%)  Kno(6.00%)
  Knot Standard(8.00%)  Kobo(8.00%)  Kohl's(4.00%)
  Komarov(6.00%)  Kooba(6.00%)  Koolaburra(6.00%)
  Koovs($250.00)  Koss Stereophones(10.00%)  Kurt Geiger(8.00%)
  L'Occitane(2.00%)  La Blanca(8.00%)  La Quinta($4.00)
  La Tienda(7.00%)  Lace Wigs Buy(15.00%)  Laithwaites Wine($8.00)
  Lamps Plus(4.00%)  Lan Airlines(3.00%)  Lane Bryant(5.00%)  Laplink Software(10.00%)  Laptops For Less(16.00%)
  Larson Electronics(5.00%)  Last Minute Travel(4.00%)  Launch Footwear(15.00%)
  Lavasoft(40.00%)  Le Chateau(4.00%)  Le Couvent des Minimes(5.00%)
  Le Mystere(8.00%)  Leaf Filter($7.00)  Leanin Tree(8.00%)
  LeftLane Sports(10.00%)  Legal Sea Foods(6.00%)  LEGO(3.00%)
  Lenox(9.00%)  Lens Catalogue(1.00%)  Lens Direct(2.00%)
  Lens World(10.00%)  Lenskart($240.00)
  LensMart(8.00%)  Leonisa(8.00%)  Lettering On The Cheap(8.00%)
  Levi's(4.00%)  Lexington Hotels(3.00%)  Lexington Law($45.00)
  LexMod(8.00%)  Library of Classics($15.40)  Life Extension(8.00%)
  Life Is Good(6.00%)  Life Stride(10.00%)  Lifeline Skin Care(10.00%)
  LifeLock Identity($76.00)  Lifetime Sterling(6.00%)  Light In The Box(6.00%)
  LighTake(6.00%)  Lighting Buff(9.00%)  Lighting Direct(4.00%)
  Lighting Showplace(4.00%)  Lighting Showroom(12.00%)  Lightning Bolt(6.00%)
  Lillian Vernon(6.00%)  Limeroad($280.00)  Limoges Jewelry(10.00%)$1.75)  Linen Source(8.00%)  Lingo Home Phone($56.00)
  Link Assistant(33.00%)  Linksys(4.00%)  Liquid Web($80.00)
  Liquidation Channel(8.00%)$25.00)  Lisa Hoffman Beauty
  Little Giant Ladder(10.00%)  Little Oak($80.00)  Live Drive($320.00)
  Live Person($88.00)  Live Prepared(10.00%)  Live Scribe(1.00%)
  Live Strong Fitness(8.00%)  Live Superfoods(10.00%)  Living Direct(1.00%)
  Living Social(12.00%)  Living XL(5.00%)  Lobster Gram(10.00%)
  Local Saver($0.20)  Logitech(4.00%)  LogMeIn(25.00%)
  Logo Garden(32.00%)  Logo Sportswear(4.00%)  Long Tall Sally(1.00%)
  Looney Tunes Phonics(30.00%)  Lord & Taylor(3.00%)  Lorex(6.00%)
  Lotto Gopher(40.00%)  Love and Pride(18.00%)  Love Scent(15.00%)
  Loveivy(5.00%)  Loxa Beauty(12.00%)  Lucy Activewear(5.00%)
  Lufthansa(1.50%)  Luggage Guy(13.00%)  Luggage Online(8.00%)
  Lugz Footwear(10.00%)  Lulu Frost(6.00%)  Lumber Liquidators(4.00%)
  Lumens(4.00%)  Lunar Pages($95.00)  Luxomo(8.00%)
  Luxury Link(4.00%)  Lycamobile($10.00)
  M&J Trimming(4.00%)  M&N Party Store(10.00%)  Mac Game Store(5.00%)
  Mac of all Trades(3.00%)  Mackage(2.00%)  MacKeeper(40.00%)
  Maclocks(10.00%)  MacMall(3.00%)  Macy's(3.00%)
  Magazine Line(40.00%)  Magic Cabin(2.00%)  Magic Kitchen(8.00%)
  Magic Mikes(15.00%)  Magix(15.00%)  MagMall(20.00%)
  Magnets On The Cheap(3.00%)  Mailigen($40.00)  MailPix Canvas(15.00%)
  Make My Trip($280.00)  Malware Bytes(24.00%)  Manfrotto(6.00%)
  Mango(4.80%)  Maniac Store(5.60%)  Marciano(4.00%)
  Margaritaville Cargo(8.00%)  Marika(8.00%)  Marisota(1.50%)
  Marissa Collections(5.00%)  Marks & Spencer(7.00%)  Marvel Store(7.00%)
  Maryland Square(10.00%)  Master Gardening(10.00%)
  Matchmaker($50.00)  Mature Singles($50.00)  Maurices(4.00%)
  Max Studio(8.00%)  Maxwell & Williams(10.00%)  Mayer Johnson(10.00%)
  MD Aligne($9.60)  Mead(11.00%)  Meat Processing Products(5.00%)
  Medical Supply Depot(5.00%)  Medifast Diet(10.00%)  Medifocus(30.00%)
  Medix Select(16.00%)  Medjet(15.00%)  Mega Motor Madness(5.00%)
  Mehair(6.00%)  Melissa And Doug(3.00%)  Men's USA($15.00)
  Metal Mulisha(6.00%)  Metro Electronic Cigarette(25.00%)  Metro Kitchen(4.00%)
  Michele Watches(10.00%)  Microsoft Store(10.00%)  Microtel Inn & Suites(2.40%)
  Midphase($125.00)  Mighty Leaf Tea(10.00%)  Mikasa(4.00%)
  Milanoo(10.00%)  Military Singles($45.00)  Military Uniform Supply(10.00%)
  Mini In The Box(6.00%)  Mio Global(7.00%)  Misfit(15.00%)
  Miss Selfridge(8.00%)  Mission Resturant Supply(1.50%)  Mister Art(6.00%)
  Mistic Ecigs(15.00%)  MixBook(44.00%)
  MMOGA(4.00%)  Mobistealth(45.00%)  MobStub(7.00%)
  Mocavo(30.00%)  Modern Bathroom(6.00%)  Modern Furniture 4 Home(3.00%)
  Modern Greetings(12.00%)  Moleskine(10.00%)  Monoprice(2.00%)
  Monster Products(5.00%)  Montrail(8.00%)$6.40)
  Moosejaw(10.00%)  Mosquito Magnet(7.00%)  Motel 6(3.60%)
  Motherhood Maternity(5.00%)  Motorola Mobility(2.00%)  Mountain Hardwear(8.00%)
  Mouth Indie Foods(6.00%)  Mr Beer(5.00%)  Mr Coffee(8.00%)
  Mr Kate(10.00%)  Mr Pearl 11(8.00%)  Mrs Prindable's(7.00%)
  Mullein & Sparrow(10.00%)  Munchkin(8.00%)  Murad Skin Care(80.00%)
  Musafir($168.00)  Muscle & Strength(10.00%)  Music & Arts($10.00)
  Music Notes(5.00%)  Musician's Friend(6.00%)  Muubaa(5.00%)
  muvee(20.00%)  Mwave(3.00%)  My Corporation(20.00%)
  My Divorce Papers($50.00)  My Gofer(5.60%)  My Jelly Belly(8.00%)
  My Kids Golf Clubs(10.00%)  My LED(15.00%)  My M&M's(8.00%)
  My PC Backup($152.00)  My Play(4.00%)  My Points($2.50)
  My Publisher($8.00)  My Social Book  My US($14.00)
  My Wedding Favors(11.20%)  MyChelle Dermaceuticals(10.00%)
  Naked Wines($12.00)  Name Cheap(40.00%)  Nashbar(3.00%)
  National Business Furniture(5.00%)  National Geographic(8.00%)  National Homeopathic(5.60%)
  Natural Skin Shop(12.00%)  Nature's Jewelry(5.00%)  Nature's Origin(10.00%)
  Nautica(5.00%)  NBC Universal Store(5.00%)
  Nearly Natural(12.00%)  Neebo(5.00%)  Neo Strata(15.00%)
  Nest Learning(11.00%)  Net Credit($50.00)  Net Firms($64.00)
  Net Hosting  Net Nanny(25.00%)  net TALK(10.00%)
  Net10 Wireless($36.00)  NetMeds(8.00%)  New Era Cap(10.00%)
  New York Times Store(8.00%)  New York Video School($24.00)  Newark(7.00%)
  Newegg(0.80%)  Newegg Business(3.00%)  NexGen Biolabs(30.00%)
  Next Step Nutrition(35.00%)  Next Worth(10.00%)  Nextiva($36.00)
  NFIB(40.00%)  Nine West(7.00%)  Nisim International(2.00%)
  Nitro Pak(10.00%)  nixplay(10.00%)  NJOY(20.00%)
  No More Rack(14.40%)  Nobel Phone Cards(20.00%)  NOCO Genius(20.00%)
  Nolo(25.00%)  nonda(20.00%)  Noodle & Boo(10.00%)
  North Style(5.00%)  Northline Express(4.00%)  Norton(16.00%)
  Nothing But Savings(5.60%)  NovaStor(24.00%)  Novica(8.00%)
  Nuance(18.00%)  NuFACE(8.00%)  Nunn Bush(10.00%)
  Nursing Pillow($2.30)  Nutri Health(20.00%)  NuWave Oven(10.00%)
  O&O Software(40.00%)  O'Neill(6.00%)  Oakley(6.00%)
  Oakley Signs & Graphics(15.00%)  Oakley Vault(4.00%)  OASAP(15.00%)
  OE Wheels(3.00%)  Office Depot(4.80%)  Office Designs(5.00%)
  Office Designs Outlet(5.00%)  Office Furniture(4.00%)  Office Furniture 2Go(15.00%)
  Office Supply(5.00%)  Official Costumes(5.00%)  Oil And Gas Investor(30.00%)
  Old Navy(4.00%)  Old Pueblo Traders(5.00%)  Old Time Candy(3.00%)
  Ole Henriksen(8.00%)  Oliver's Labels(15.00%)  olloclip(10.00%)
  Olly Shoes(5.00%)  Olove(15.00%)  Olympus(3.00%)
  Omaha Steaks(7.00%)  Omnis Network($100.00)  On Gossamer(8.00%)
  One & Only Resorts(4.00%)  One Great Family(25.00%)  One Hanes Place(6.00%)
  One Price Taxes(30.00%)  One Travel($20.00)  Oneida(7.00%)
  Online Booty Call($30.00)  Online Seats(10.00%)  Online Sheet Music(10.00%)
  Online Shoes(8.00%)  Online Sports(10.00%)  Online Star Registry(25.00%)
  OnlyWire($10.00)  Oopsy Daisy(6.00%)  OpenSky(5.60%)
  Opti Shot Golf(10.00%)  Orange Onions(8.00%)  Oransi(6.00%)
  Oreck(5.00%)  Organic Bouquet(2.00%)  Origin(9.60%)
  Original Penguin(8.00%)  Original Resorts(10.00%)  Orion Telescopes(5.60%)
  Ornament Shop(5.00%)  Orvis(5.00%)  Oster(12.00%)
  OsterPro(8.00%)  OtterBox(7.00%)
  OttoNavi(4.00%)  Ouidad(8.00%)  Our Campus Market(8.00%)
  Our Time(100.00%)  Out Of Warranty(10.00%)  Outdoor Tech(10.00%)
  Outlet Plus(10.00%)  Overland(8.00%)
  Overton's(4.00%)  Oyo Sportstoys(10.00%)  Ozone Socks(8.50%)
  P&G Shop(10.00%)  Pacific Coast(8.25%)  Packaging Supplies(7.00%)
  PacSun(4.00%)  Paint Nite(8.00%)  Palo Alto Software(20.00%)
  Paltalk(24.00%)  Panasonic(3.00%)  Panda Hall(7.00%)
  Paper Direct(10.00%)  Paper Mart(5.00%)  Paper Source(5.00%)
  Paradise Fibers(5.60%)  Paragon Sports(6.00%)  Parallels(12.00%)
  Pareto Logic(40.00%)  Paris City Vision(5.00%)  Park Plaza Hotels(5.00%)
  Park Sleep Fly(20.00%)  Parrot Uncle(12.00%)  Parts Express(5.00%)
  Parts Geek(4.00%)  Parts Train(4.80%)  Pasta Cheese(11.00%)
  Paul's TV(3.00%)  Paula Deen Store(7.00%)  Paula Young(2.00%)
  Paula's Choice(7.00%)  Paychex($15.00)  Payless Car Rental(5.00%)
  Payless ShoeSource(5.00%)  Paytm(2.40%)  PBS KIDS Shop(10.00%)
  PC Rush(5.60%)  PCM(3.00%)  Peace Love World(8.00%)
  PeachPit(8.00%)  Peapod($10.00)  Peddle($50.00)
  Peek Kids(5.00%)  Peeps(8.00%)  Peony And Me(20.00%)
  People Finders(65.00%)  Pepperfry($1360.00)  Perfect Memorials(6.00%)
  Perfectly Pure(10.00%)  Performance Bike(3.00%)  Perfumania(10.00%)
  Perfume Emporium(11.00%)  Perfume Worldwide(12.00%)
  Perry Ellis(8.00%)  Personal Creations(15.00%)  Personalabs(10.00%)
  Personalization Mall(16.00%)  Personalized Planet(12.00%)  Personnel Concepts(10.00%)
  Pet Care Choice(12.00%)  Pet Care Rx(6.00%)  Pet Fancy(7.00%)
  Pet Food Direct(8.00%)  Pet Plus(24.00%)  Pet Street Mall(8.00%)
  Petco Animal Supplies(6.40%)  PetSmart(4.80%)  PF Flyers(7.00%)
  Phanfare(40.00%)  Philips(6.00%)  philosophy(5.00%)
  Phone Power($75.00)$60.00)  Photo Weavers(8.00%)
  Photobook America(12.00%)  Photobucket(9.60%)
  Picanova(16.00%)  Pictures On Gold(5.00%)  Pier 1 Imports(1.00%)
  Piercing Pagoda(5.00%)  Pimsleur(15.00%)  Pinemeadow Golf(10.00%)
  Pingo($10.00)  Pink Basis(4.00%)  Pink Wink($25.00)
  Pinnacle Systems(11.20%)  Piping Rock(10.00%)  Pittman & Davis(10.00%)
  Plaid Parasol(7.50%)  Plated($1.00)  Player Auctions(2.00%)
  PlayStation Store($3.20)  Plow & Hearth(8.00%)  Plus Size Lingerie Boutique(6.00%)  Police Store(5.00%)  Pool Dawg(5.00%)
  Pool Products(8.00%)  Popular Home Collections(8.00%)  PopYellow(3.00%)
  Potpourri Gifts(4.00%)  Pots And Pans(8.00%)  Power Swabs(16.00%)
  Power Systems(8.00%)  Powerbook Medic(5.00%)  Preferred Hotel Group(2.40%)
  Premium Ecigarette(20.00%)  Prepare Wise(9.00%)  President Hotel(12.00%)
  Prestigia(5.00%)  Price Plunge(5.00%)  Priceline(5.60%)
  Prima Bead(10.00%)  Primal Muscle(15.00%)  Prime Choice Auto Parts(7.00%)
  Princeton Watches(6.00%)  Print Place(8.00%)  Printing For Less(5.00%)
  Printing Now(15.00%)  Prints Asia(5.00%)  Priority Pass($14.00)
  Pro Audio Land(6.00%)  Problem Solvers(2.00%)  ProBoard Shop(6.00%)
  Professional Supplement Center(10.00%)  ProForm(8.00%)  ProHealth(16.00%)
  Promo Direct(4.00%)  Prosoft Engineering(20.00%)  PRWeb(4.00%)
  PsPrint(15.00%)  PTel Mobile(20.00%)  Public Storage($5.00)
  Pugster(15.00%)  Pulls Direct(2.00%)  PUMA(6.00%)
  Punch CAD(15.00%)  Punch Software(15.00%)  Pur Minerals(2.00%)
  Pure Collection(5.00%)  Pure Formulas(4.00%)  Pure Glare(5.00%)
  Pure Hockey(8.25%)  Pure Prescriptions(15.00%)  Pure VPN(25.00%)
  Puritan's Pride(8.00%)  Pyramyd Air(5.00%)  PZI Jeans(20.00%)
  Qatar Airways(2.00%)  Quest Nutrition(10.00%)  Quick Books($40.00)
  Quill(4.80%)  QVC(4.00%)
  Radisson Hotels(4.00%)  Radley(6.00%)  Rafaella(8.00%)
  Raga(8.00%)  Rail Europe(3.00%)
  Rakuten Global Market  Rakuten Shopping(3.50%)  Ramada Hotels(2.40%)
  Rastelli Direct(10.00%)  Rate Marketplace  Rawlings(7.00%)
  Raxco Software(40.00%)  RazerZone(1.00%)  Reader's Digest(20.00%)
  Reading Eggs(10.00%)  Real Palm Trees(10.00%)  Rebecca Minkoff(8.00%)
  Red Roof(3.00%)  Reeds Jewelers(7.00%)  RefrigiWear(8.00%)
  Refurb(5.00%)$750.00)  Relax The Back(5.00%)
  Renew Life(5.00%)  RentBooks(7.00%)  Repair Clinic(6.00%)
  Republic Wireless($24.00)  ReShip($5.00)
  Resume Rabbit($20.00)  Revival Animal Health(10.00%)  Revo(5.00%)
  Reyn Spooner(4.00%)  Rhyme University(5.00%)  Ribbon Bazaar(12.00%)
  RiffTrax(0.20%)  Ring Central($50.00)  Ritz Tours(5.00%)
  Riu Hotels(5.00%)  Rock Bottom Golf(2.00%)
  Rocket Languages(45.00%)  Rockin' Wellness(6.00%)  Rockler(3.00%)
  Rockport(6.00%)  Rocky Boots(8.00%)  Rocky Mountain ATVMC(4.00%)
  Rod's Western Palace(7.00%)  Rodale(30.00%)  Roku(5.00%)
  Romance Her(15.00%)  Romwe(10.00%)  Room Mates(14.00%)
  Rose Wholesale(18.00%)  RoseGal(7.00%)  Ross Simons(4.00%)
  Rotating Screw(50.00%)  Roxio(10.00%)  Royal Albert(6.00%)
  Royal Discount(6.00%)  Royal Doulton(6.00%)  Run Green(7.50%)
  Rush My Passport(15.00%)  Russell Stover Candies(7.00%)
  Saatchi Art(5.00%)  Sabon(8.00%)  Sachin & Babi(4.80%)
  Safety Glasses USA(7.00%)  Safeway($10.00)  Sage 50(15.00%)
  Sage Small Business($10.00)  Saint Benedict Press(12.00%)  Saks Fifth Avenue(2.40%)
  Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH(4.00%)  Sally Beauty Supply(10.00%)  Salt Armour(20.00%)
  Salt Life(3.00%)  Salt Water Fish(5.00%)  Sam Ash(5.00%)
  Sam's Club(7.00%)  Sammy Dress(15.00%)  Samsonite(5.00%)
  Samsung(4.00%)  Sanuk Footwear(8.00%)  Sara Freder($0.45)
  Sasa(12.00%)  Save Ya(2.00%)  Saving Star($1.55)
  Scentbird(8.00%)  Scented Monkey(10.00%)  Scholastic Teacher Express(8.00%)
  Score Big(10.00%)  Scoreboard Sports(8.00%)  Scosche(15.00%)
  SCOTTeVEST(7.00%)  Scoutmob Shoppe(8.00%)  Screaming Owl(7.00%)
  Scrub Shopper(5.00%)  Scrubs & Beyond(8.00%)  SeaBear Smokehouse(8.00%)
  Sears(7.00%)  Seasonal Shop(12.00%)  SeaWorld Parks(5.00%)
  Sebamed(6.40%)  Second Spin(6.00%)  Security Cameras Direct(15.00%)
  Seeking Arrangement(40.00%)  Select A Ticket(5.00%)  Select Blinds(5.00%)
  Sell Textbook(7.00%)  Send Flowers(8.00%)  Seniors Meet(100.00%)
  SentryPC(40.00%)  Sephra(10.00%)  Serengeti Catalog(5.00%)
  Service Live($2.00)  Sesame Street(8.00%)  Seton Canada(10.00%)
  Seton US(10.00%)  Seven Slings($3.25)  Sexy Lingerie Shop(12.00%)
  Shabby Apple(7.00%)  Shades Shutters Blinds(3.00%)  Shambhala Publications(20.00%)
  Shape Tea(10.00%)  Shapers Fit(15.00%)  Sharper Image(2.00%)
  Sheet Music Plus(8.00%)  SheIn(10.00%)  Sheplers(4.09%)
  Shiekh Shoes(10.00%)  Shindigz(12.00%)  Shipping Easy($119.20)
  ShipStation($35.00)  Shirt Punch(1.60%)
  Shnoop(5.00%)  Shoe Mall(12.00%)  Shoe Metro(8.00%)
  Shoebacca(6.00%)  ShoeBuy(9.00%)
  Shop Android(12.00%)  Shop by Bravo(3.00%)  Shop Casio(5.00%)
  Shop Horne(6.00%)  Shop Les Nouvelles(8.00%)  Shop MLB(5.00%)
  Shop Nine Space(7.00%)  Shop Salon(5.00%)  Shop Taste of Home(8.00%)
  Shop Thermos(10.00%)  Shop TV(5.00%)  Shop World Kitchen(5.00%)
  ShopClues(4.40%)  Shopko(7.00%)  Shoplet(4.00%)
  Shopper's Voice($1.00)  Shoppers Stop($84.00)  Shoptiques
  Short Order(10.00%)  Showtime(5.00%)  Shutterfly(4.00%)$36.00)  Sierra Trading Post(8.00%)  Signs On The Cheap(3.00%)
  Sila Games(4.00%)  Silk'n(8.50%)  Silkies($15.00)
  Silver Legacy Resort Casino(8.00%)  Silver Rush Style(15.00%)  Silverts(5.00%)
  Simple Truths(10.00%)  SimpliLearn(50.00%)  Simply Dehumidifiers(1.00%)
  Simply To Impress(10.00%)  Simply Whispers(5.00%)  Simply Youth Ministry(10.00%)
  Sinclair International(4.00%)  Singer22($0.05)  Single Parent($25.00)
  Single Parent Meet(100.00%)  Sixt Car Rental(8.00%)  Skil Shop(1.00%)
  Skin Again(14.00%)  Skincare By Alana(10.00%)  Skincare Rx(6.00%)  SkyAuction(3.00%)  SkyBar Home(8.00%)
  SkyTours($11.50)  Sleepy's(6.00%)  SlipCover Shop(10.00%)
  Smallflower(10.00%)  Smart Bargains(9.60%)  Smart Credit($26.00)
  Smart Destinations(3.00%)  Smart Fares($9.00)  Smart for Life(14.00%)
  Smart Home(4.00%)  Smart Living Company(8.00%)  Smart Wool(5.00%)
  SmartBuyGlasses(7.00%)  Smilebox($7.00)  Smith Micro(24.00%)
  Smithsonian Store(8.00%)  Smittybilt Depot(6.00%)  Smoke Away($25.00)
  SMS Audio(20.00%)  Snag A Job($1.00)  SnapDeal(2.00%)
  SnapMade(15.00%)  So Good To Buy(5.00%)
  Soccer Garage(7.00%)  Social Engine(15.00%)
  SodaStream(10.00%)  Soffe(3.00%)  Softball Rampage(9.00%)  Software Media(1.00%)  Soia & Kyo(2.00%)
  Solemates(5.00%)  Solstice Sunglasses(8.00%)  Sonos(2.00%)
  Sony Creative Software(8.00%)  SOS Online Backup(15.00%)  Sosie(8.00%)
  Soups Online(5.00%)  SousVide Supreme(8.00%)  South Moon Under(6.00%)
  Southwest Airlines Vacations(2.00%)  Spa & Wellness(10.00%)  SpaFinder Wellness 365(6.00%)
  Spam Fighter(40.00%)  Specialty Pool Products(6.00%)  Speck(5.00%)
  Speedify(50.00%)  Speedo(7.00%)  Speedy Signs(8.00%)
  Speedy Signs USA(8.00%)  Spiceworks  SpinLife(7.00%)
  SpiritLine(12.00%)  Spiritual Cinema Circle(23.00%)  Splendid(6.00%)
  Spoof Card(40.00%)  Sports Fan Zone(10.00%)  Sports Fanfare(3.00%)
  Sports Kids(7.50%)  SPRI(8.00%)  Springer Shop(10.00%)
  Sprint($75.00)  Sprout Social(200.00%)  Spy Associates(10.00%)
  Spyder(3.20%)  STA Travel(20.00%)  Stacy Adams(7.00%)
  Stage Stores(5.00%)  Staples(5.00%)  Staples Copy & Print(3.00%)
  Star Trek(5.00%)  Starbucks(5.00%)  Starline Tours(10.00%)
  Starwood Hotels(2.40%)  STATE Bags(6.40%)  State Line Tack(5.00%)
  Stauer(10.00%)  STD Check(40.00%)  Steep And Cheap(1.50%)
  Stemology Skincare(4.00%)  Steve Madden(6.00%)  Steve's Blinds(5.00%)
  Stila Cosmetics(6.00%)  Stock Market Eye(20.00%)  Stock Yards(4.80%)
  Stonewall Kitchen(8.00%)  STOPzilla(50.00%)  Stowaway Cosmetics(20.00%)
  Straight Talk($37.60)  Stratfor(8.40%)  Strawberry Net(8.00%)
  StreamSend($52.00)  Stub Center(10.00%)  Student Advantage(25.00%)
  Studio 6(3.60%)  Studio Automatic(6.40%)  Stumps Party(11.00%)
  Style and Apply(20.00%)  Styles For Less(10.00%)  Stylin Online(10.00%)
  Stylin Trucks(8.00%)  Sugar Daddie(50.00%)  Sulwhasoo(5.00%)
  Summit Online(2.00%)  Sun Jewelry(5.00%)  Sunbeam(8.00%)
  Sunfood(10.00%)  Sunglass Hut(8.00%)  Super 8(2.40%)
  Super Biiz(2.00%)  Super Jeweler(12.00%)  Super Media Store(4.00%)
  Superga(8.00%)  SuperStar Tickets(7.00%)  Supplies Outlet(15.00%)
  Sur La Table(7.00%)  Sure Fit(10.00%)  SureTrader($100.00)
  Surfdome(6.40%)  Survey Downline  Suzanne Somers(8.00%)
  Swag Bucks($2.20)$10.00)  Swappable(6.00%)
  Swarovski(8.00%)  Swell(6.00%)  Swiggy($56.00)
  Swim Spot(8.00%)  Swimsuits Direct(10.00%)  Swimsuits For All(7.00%)
  Swing N Slide(5.00%)  Swingline(12.40%)  Swiss Airlines(1.50%)
  Switch Modern(10.00%)  SyberPlace(3.50%)  Szul(8.00%)
  TACA($3.50)  Tackle Direct(1.00%)  Tactics(5.00%)
  Tafford Uniforms(5.00%)  TAGS(15.00%)  Tal Depot(7.00%)
  Tall Men Shoes(15.00%)  Tamar Collection(10.00%)  Tanga(20.00%)
  Target(1.00%)  Tart Collections(7.00%)  TASER(10.00%)
  Tattoo Sales(12.00%)  TaxAct(15.00%)  TaylorMade Golf(6.00%)
  TBDress(10.00%)  Tea Box(10.00%)  TeamSnap($40.00)
  Tech For Less(7.00%)  Techarex(20.00%)  Technollo($20.00)
  TechRabbit(4.00%)  Tee Fury(10.00%)  Tee Links($3.00)
  Tee Off(6.00%)  Teleflora(10.00%)  Tennis Express(6.00%)
  Tervis Tumbler(6.00%)  Test Clear(12.00%)  Teva(8.00%)
  Textbook Underground(5.00%)  TextNow(15.00%)
  The Art of Shaving(8.00%)  The Black Bow(8.00%)  The Bouqs(8.00%)
  The Bradford Exchange(50.00%)  The Cute Kid($18.00)  The Economist(64.00%)
  The Fine China Store(10.00%)  The Franklin Mint(5.00%)  The Fruit Company(10.00%)
  The Gallery Collection(10.00%)  The House(6.00%)  The Karaoke Channel($10.00)
  The Lighter Side Co(12.50%)  The Limited Stores(1.00%)  The Logo Company(15.00%)
  The Maca Team(10.00%)  The Mad Hueys(10.00%)  The Men's Wearhouse(8.00%)
  The Mountain(7.00%)  The Neat Company(8.00%)  The Perfect Rug(7.00%)
  The Perfume Spot(10.00%)  The Popcorn Factory(6.00%)  The Pyramid Collection(5.00%)
  The Safariland Group(8.00%)  The Shade Store(7.00%)  The Shelving Store(7.00%)
  The Sports Authority(3.00%)  The Sportsman's Guide(5.00%)  The Stitchery(5.00%)
  The Street($100.00)  The Supplies Shops(8.00%)  The Tire Rack(6.00%)
  The Trend Boutique(5.00%)  The Walking Company(9.00%)  The Watchery(12.00%)
  TheraBreath(10.00%)  Things Remembered(6.00%)  Things You Never Knew(10.00%)
  Think Geek(9.00%)  Thirstie(15.00%)  Thistle Hotels(4.00%)
  Thomas Cook($960.00)  Thomas Pink(6.00%)  Thompson Cigar(10.00%)
  ThreadSence(5.00%)  Three Dots(6.00%)  Thrifty Rent A Car(1.00%)
  Tibi(5.00%)  Ticket Charge(8.00%)  Ticket City(0.50%)
  Ticket Counter(6.00%)  Ticket Liquidator(12.50%)  Ticket Network(12.50%)
  Tickets For Less(7.00%)  Tidebuy(10.00%)  Tillys(5.00%)
  Timberland(4.00%)  Time For Me(7.00%)  Time Life(3.00%)
  Time To Spa(12.00%)  Timex(8.00%)  Tipsy Elves(5.00%)
  Tire Buyer(6.00%)  Tire Crazy(3.00%)  Titanium Kay(14.00%)
  TJ Maxx  TLF Apparel(6.00%)  TM Lewin(5.00%)
  Tmart(3.00%)  Todd Snyder(8.00%)  Tog Shop(5.00%)
  Tokyo Otaku Mode(8.00%)  TollFree Forwarding($60.00)  Tom Smith Christmas Crackers(5.00%)
  Tommy Hilfiger(2.00%)  TOMS Shoes(7.00%)  TomTom(4.50%)
  Tomtop(7.00%)  Toner Boss(1.00%)  Tony Little(10.00%)
  Too Faced Cosmetics(8.00%)  Topman(1.00%)  Toppik(10.00%)
  TopUp(10.00%)  Torrid(5.00%)  Toshiba(5.00%)
  Total Defense(28.00%)  Total Diabetes Supply(1.00%)  Total Gym(8.50%)
  Total Pet Supply(8.00%)  Touch of Modern(7.00%)  Tours4Fun(5.00%)
  Tracfone($24.00)  Tractor Supply(5.00%)  TradeStation($65.00)
  Trafalgar Store(5.00%)  Trainz(4.00%)  Trampoline Parts Supply(6.00%)
  Transcender(7.50%)  TrapCall(85.00%)  Travelation($15.00)
  Travelex Currency(1.00%)  Travelex Insurance($5.00)  Travelocity(4.80%)
  Travelodge(2.40%)  Trend Micro Home & Home Office(20.00%)  Trend Micro Small Business(20.00%)
  Trend Times Toys(10.00%)  Tria Beauty(3.00%)  Tribeca Shortlist($8.00)
  TribeTats(20.00%)  TrimFit(8.00%)  TripAdvisor
  Triumph(4.00%)  Triwa(5.00%)  Trophy Skin(10.00%)
  True Religion(1.00%)  Trunki(10.00%)  Trusted Tours(5.00%)
  TSplus(25.00%)  Tundra Restaurant Supply(7.00%)  TuneCore(7.00%)
  TurboTax(15.00%)  Turner Classic Movies(5.00%)  TV Store Online(6.00%)
  TVC Mall(8.00%)  Twillory(9.00%)  Tyler Tool(1.00%)
  U Need It(3.00%)  U.S. Cavalry(6.00%)  Uber($100.00)
  uBid(3.00%)  Udder Covers($3.00)  Udemy(40.00%)
  Udreamy Costumes(10.00%)  UGG Australia(2.00%)  Ulla Popken(3.00%)
  Ultra Diamonds(10.00%)  Umbro(8.00%)  UMI Children's Shoes(10.00%)
  Unbeatable Sale(10.00%)  Undercover Tourist($5.00)  Uniform City(10.00%)
  UPack($50.00)  Upnest($25.00)  Upper 90 Soccer(10.00%)
  UPS My Choice($1.00)  US Cellular($60.00)  US Mattress(3.20%)
  US Outdoor(8.00%)  US Pets(10.00%)  US Search(65.00%)
  USA Today($12.80)
  Vacuum Home(4.00%)  Vanity(5.00%)  Vapage(2.00%)
  Vapor 4 Life(15.00%)  Vayama($10.00)  Vegas Tickets(10.00%)  VeggieTales Store(10.00%)  Venere(5.60%)
  Venting Direct(2.00%)  Venting Pipe  Venue Kings(13.00%)
  Vera Bradley(4.00%)  Verizon Wireless($75.00)  VeronicaM(7.00%)
  VersaSpa(20.00%)  Verseo(18.00%)  Vet Shop(10.00%)
  Veterans Advantage($15.00)  Vianda(15.00%)  ViaTalk($38.00)
  Victor Pest(5.00%)  Video Game Chairs(8.00%)  Video Shelf(12.00%)
  Villeroy & Boch(5.00%)  Vimeo($50.00)  VinAudit(65.00%)
  Vince Camuto(5.00%)  Vinci Genius(8.40%)  Vinesse Wines($40.00)
  Violent Lips(7.00%)  VIPRE Antivirus(30.00%)  Virgin Atlantic Airways(2.50%)
  Virgin Mobile()  Virgin Wines($8.00)  Vision Decor(8.00%)
  Vision Direct(8.00%)  Vista Vapors(15.00%)  Vitagoods(18.00%)
  Vital Choice(6.00%)  Vital Savings(20.00%)  Vital Source(3.00%)
  Vitalicious(10.00%)  Vitamin World(8.00%)  Viva Media(15.00%)
  VivaTerra(8.00%)  Vivid Racing(7.25%)  Viviscal(10.00%)
  VMware(10.00%)  Vogue Wigs(15.00%)  Volcom(4.00%)
  Volleyball America(8.00%)  Volleyball Headquarters(8.00%)  Vons($10.00)
  VRBO(20.00%)  VSP Vision Care  Vudu($4.00)
  Wacoal(8.00%)  Walgreens(6.40%)  Wallpaper Wholesaler(5.00%)
  Walmart(3.20%)  Warner Archive(7.00%)  Washer Dryer Combo(1.00%)
  WatchCo(7.00%)  Water Filters(7.00%)  Water Outfitters(2.00%)
  WB Shop(7.00%)  Wear Your Beer(12.00%)  Web Hosting Buzz(50.00%)
  Webroot Software(20.00%)  Weight Watchers($10.00)  West Music(7.00%)
  WestHost($125.00)  Westside Wholesale(4.50%)  Wetsuit Wearhouse(5.00%)
  Whatever Works(5.00%)  Whiskey Militia(1.50%)  White Canyon(20.00%)
  White Cloud(20.00%)  White Mountain Products(8.00%)  White Smoke(45.00%)
  Wholesale Costume Club($0.00)  Wholesale Halloween Costumes(15.00%)
  Wigs Buy(13.00%)  Wild Ties(12.00%)  Willow Ridge(5.00%)
  Willy Goat(6.00%)  Wilson's Leather(5.00%)  Winch Depot(6.00%)
  Wind and Weather(2.00%)  Wind Chime(8.00%)  Windy City Novelties(8.00%)
  Wine Basket(7.00%)  Wine Battles(10.50%)  Wine Cooler Direct(1.00%)
  Wine Enthusiast(3.00%)  Wine Insiders(8.00%)  Wine Tasting(8.00%)  Wingate Hotels(2.40%)  Wipe New($2.70)
  Wireless Emporium(17.50%)  Wolferman's(10.00%)  Wolfgang's Vault(10.00%)
  WonderGel(10.00%)  Wondershare(30.00%)  Wood Gamz(15.00%)
  Woodwind & Brasswind(6.00%)  World Book Store(10.00%)  World Class Ink(10.00%)
  World Globes(8.00%)  World of Watches(12.00%)  World Pet Express(12.00%)
  World Wide Stereo(5.00%)  Worldwide Golf Shops(7.00%)  Worldwide Sport Supply(7.00%)
  Wrist Watch(7.00%)  Wristband Express(10.00%)  WSJ Wine($8.00)
  Wyndham Hotel Group(2.40%)  Wyndham Hotels(2.40%)  Wyndham Rewards(2.40%)
  X-Cart(12.00%)  Xenon Project(24.00%)  XHeli RC Helicopter(1.00%)
  Xperience Days(8.00%)
  YCMC(6.00%)  Yepme(8.00%)  Yes Video(30.00%)
  YLiving(2.50%)  Yola($56.00)  York Photo(16.00%)
  You Send It($10.00)  Young Explorers(5.00%)  Younkers(3.00%)
  Your Deco Shop(15.00%)  Yves Rocher US(15.00%)
  Zagg(10.00%)  Zales(4.00%)  zChocolat(20.00%)
  Zend(10.00%)  Zephyr Paintball(5.00%)  Zephyr Sports(6.00%)
  Ziivaa(10.00%)  Zing Revolution(10.00%)  Zinio(20.00%)
  Zip Cloud($152.00)  Zip Recruiter($75.00)  Zipcar($24.00)
  Zivame($220.00)  ZLZ(10.00%)  Zone Alarm(35.00%)
  Zone Diet(12.00%)  Zonk Shop(10.00%)  ZooBooks Magazine(35.00%)
  ZookaWare(40.00%)  Zoysia Farms(12.00%)  Zuma Office Supply(5.00%)